Hiring: Bad Actors Brandmaster

Bad Actors wants you! We are looking for a talented and driven young entrepreneur to help us grow our party game business.

What’s Bad Actors?

Bad Actors is an inhibition-crushing adult-party game where players take turn assuming characters and answering questions chosen by the other players. To play, players set up two stacks of cards – one stack of questions and one with characters. One player draws a character card. The player to the right draws three questions and chooses the one they think will get the most laughs. The “actor” then responds in character. After the performance, everyone, except the actor, rates the performance from 1 to 5. One round is completed when each player has been a character. If a player is unhappy with their rating they can make their case with the judges as to why they deserve a better score.

Created by UT Dallas alumni (‘13) and millennial Evan Carr alongside his baby boomer partner Larry Leon, Bad Actors successfully funded on Kickstarter. With crowdfunding and fulfillment complete, your contribution will assist Bad Actors in moving to retail distribution and capitalizing on the resurgence of tabletop gaming.

What’s In It For Me?

Besides from having a great excuse to be social while getting paid, you’ll get the opportunity to help design and execute our social media strategy, manage shipping and delivery, brainstorm our world domination, and take ownership of a fun business. While this is not the main income for Evan and Larry (yet!), both Evan and Larry are successful businessmen in software sales and commercial real estate respectively. You will have the opportunity to work closely with both founders.

Job Responsibilities

  • Create and execute social media strategy
  • Assist Bad Actors public relations campaign
  • Ideate new marketing angles
  • Remotely manage shipping and distribution
  • Spread Bad Actors across your campus

What’s Required

  • 10 hours of availability per week
  • Strong networking ability
  • Demonstrated ability to start projects and deliver results
  • Enthusiasm for party games, comedy, theater, marketing, and business required
  • Proven track record of using creativity to engage new customers and solve business problems
  • Photoshop/Illustrator skills are a plus


Brandmasters will earn $12 per hour plus a commission on any games sold through their networks.

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